Untold Massacre of 1975

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It is based on a true incident that happened in the year 1975. Many people had suffered and lost their lives including children. This information is not found anywhere on the internet. This information is collected from those who suffered in that incident.

A man and his ethnic group belonging from Assam, India rescued a large number of homeless people in the year 1975. It was in the last weeks of the spring season. For almost a week every day and night more than Five Thousand people including men, women, and children belonging to the Bodo tribe were being crossed the mighty river i.e., the Brahmaputra from the southeast part of Assam to northwest Assam.
These Bodo people had been living peacefully almost from the historic period in a sub-district called Niuland in the state of Nagaland. But, everything turned awkward in the year 1975 for them. They had to leave their lands, homes, and every belonging.

A Bodo tribe belonged to the Kachari kingdom once.

An extremist group of Nagaland and local goons formed together and attacked suddenly at night in that particular year when everyone was asleep. It became a nightmare for those innocent men, women, and children living there. Their sweet dreams turned to ashes. They burnt down everything they found in their path and more than a thousand innocent people were killed that night. Some were chopped off and some were burnt alive. Some died while running in the wrong direction in the dark.

A fellow missionary, Swisengraperson’s name, and his group were nearby to that heated place. When he met them he could not stop helping the homeless people. He helped as much as he could with whatever possibilities.

The Bodo population is outnumbered in the south-eastern part of Assam. But in the pre-historic period, the whole part of this land was densely populated by the Bodo tribe once before Ahom invaded Assam. The Bodo people are mostly populated in the northern part of Assam. And Swisengra belonged from the northern part. The homeless people were being crossed the mighty river Brahmaputra towards the northern part of Assam. They distributed the homeless people to reside in the seven to eight districts in the state.

This piece of information is very rare and not found in any other sources. There were no advanced media or news at that time to record all those incidents.

This information is collected from the victimized families who suffered in the year 1975 in Nagaland.

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