Arunachalesvara Temple

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This temple is situated in the town of Tiruvannamalai district in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is at least 1,300 years old. There is an unusual thing happening since its existence. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a large lingam that emits an enormous amount of heat. This phenomenon has been happening for several centuries.

The Shiva lingam is situated in the main chamber inside the temple. As we approach the main chamber where the lingam is placed, we can feel the temperature rising. The entire walls around the lingam have turned completely black because of the constant radiation coming out from the lingam. There are multiple fans placed all around to cool down the place, even though the place remains much hotter than the outside. It is extremely hot even in the winter season inside the chamber. It makes the visitors wondered all the time. The priests in the temple say that the lingam itself is very hot. A vessel has been placed on top of the lingam which slowly drips cold water to cool down the hot lingam.

What exactly can cause this to happen?

Local people and priests explain that this is happening because it is a special type of lingam called the Agni Lingam. Agni Lingam is a lingam that has energy itself to produce heat. But, how far it is true a stone is capable of giving out heat energy for many centuries without any power source. This unique type of energy is said to be created in the underground portion of the lingam. Only the top of the structure is seen in the chamber, there is a large cylindrical column that proceeds underground, which is what creates the enormous amount of heat. Is it possible that the power source actually exists underground? If this is true, is it also possible that ancient builders have carved the entire Agni Lingam in this temple?

A lingam having coils like structure

Here, we can see a man praying to this large cylindrical structure. But it does not look like an ordinary lingam, it has many wire-like turns on it. And there are thunderbolts coming out in all directions from it. This is incredible because this matches 100% with a modern-day Tesla coil. This is exactly what we see in the carving. Is this Agni lingam, an ancient Tesla coil? Tesla coil also produces a lot of heat and can burn if touched. As we move towards the lingam, we can feel the heat rising up. What could have been the reason to put a large Agni Lingam inside a temple? The answer may be found in how we use tesla coils today. We see Doctors are using Tesla coils primarily for enhancing the overall well-being of patients. This procedure is known as electrotherapy. It does not only relaxes completely the body but also calms the mind into a deep meditative state. Was the Agni lingam installed here to heal the body and mind of the visitors?

People from around the world come to this temple to practice deep meditation, this is why this temple is also known as The Spiritual Capital of the World. Some of the world’s greatest saints attained enlightenment in this temple. Did ancient people worship this lingam to gain physical and mental strength? But if this is the case, then what is the need to construct such a large temple complex around this lingam?

13 Domes of Arunachalesvara Temple

This temple has a complex which is about 25 acres. The entire design and layout of this temple are amazing, the most important feature is the towers. Near the outer walls, four large temple towers are set up precisely facing the 4 cardinal direction points. If the Agni Lingam is the tesla coil transmitting energy, then is what is need to construct all these gigantic towers? Perhaps the answer lies in the carving itself. If we count the number of turns on the Agni lingam it has 13 turns. The number of the metal domes, these are called Kalashas, are placed on top of the main tower. There are exactly 13 domes placed on the top of the tower. This cannot be a coincidence. Not only that, the tower also has 13 levels. The rectangular holes that the tower has are actually doorways to the levels, there are stairs inside the tower to access every level. If we count the doorways, including the one hidden by this signboard, there are 13 doorways and 13 levels. So, this definitely is not a coincidence. If you look at the tower from the top angle, it looks like a next-generation machine. What is the actual purpose of this gigantic tower? Even after 1300 years, it is still one of the tallest towers of India. Even Nikola Tesla built a gigantic tower in order to give free energy to the world.

13 Doorways of Arunachalesvara Temple

Tesla planned on wireless transmission of energy to the whole world, but this entire facility was destroyed by greedy businessmen. Was this temple also built as a center for wireless transmission of energy? If we go to a very high altitude, the entire temple complex looks similar to a modern-day power company. In the layout, there are large 4 towers perfectly aligned to the 4 direction points. There are smaller towers as well. There are water sources that act as a cooling system. We can see two large tanks always full of water. There are many separate buildings inside the complex, there are even emergency exits, just like modern facilities. But the real secret of the actual power source can be found if we can access it underground but is locked and prohibited.

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