Fog Poem in Bodo

Explanation of the poem, ‘FOG‘ in Bodo Language.

Hello friends, here I’m going to explain this poem, ‘Fog’ in Bodo language. This is a very short poem written by Carl Sandburg. It is a metaphorical poem that describes about a life in the form of a cat that comes and moves on like a fog. So, let’s learn this poem line by line in BODO language.

Fog in Bodo

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Explanation in Bodo:
खुवाया फैयो गोरलै मावजीनी आयथींजों ।

बियो सिरि आयथीं खरायना जिरायो बन्दर आरो शहराव नायबाय थानाय बायदी
आरो बिनि उनाव आवगाय लाङो ।

Word Meaning:

fog = खुवा;
harbor = बन्दर; जाहाज थाग्रा जायगा;
silent = सिरि;
haunches = हान्थु खरायना जनाय;
moves on = आवगायना थांनाय;


Summary of Fog Poem in Bodo:

Through this poem the poet, Carl Sandburg wants to tell us about a life that comes and goes away like a little cat without making any noise. As the fog stays for some moments but in the end it moves away. Likewise a life too stays in this planet for some times and leaves away afterwards. So, every living beings on earth are like a fog that comes and moves on without telling anyone.

बे खनथायनी गेजेरजों खनथायगीरीया जोंनो फोरमायनो सानदों दी जिउआ फैयो आरो थाङो मासे मावजी फीसा बायदी जेबो सोदोब खालामा जासे । जेरै खुवाया दान्दीसे सम थायो नाथाय जोब्थायाव गोमोर लाङो । थीख बिदिनो जिउआबो दान्दीसेनी थाखाय थायो आरो उनाव नागार लाङो । बेनीखायनो गासै जिब-जिबिफ्रानो बे बुहुमाव खुवा बायदी फैयो आरो थाङो रावनोबो खीन्थाया लासे ।


Questions and Answers:

1. What does Carl Sandburg think the fog is like?
कार्ल सेन्दबार्गआ खुवाखौ मा होन्ना सानो?
Answer: Carl Sandburg thinks the fog is like a little cat.

2. How does the fog come?
खुवाया बोरै फैयो?
Answer: The fog comes silently.

3. What does ‘it’ in the third line refer to?
थाम्थी लारीनी ‘it’ आ माखौ फोरमायदों?
Answer: ‘It’ in the third line refers to the fog.

4. Does the poet actually say that the fog is like a cat?
Find three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat.
खन्थायगीरीया खुवाखौ असेयाव मासे मावजी बायदी बुंदों ना?
मोन्थाम जीरादफोर नागीर जाय जोंनो खुवाखौ मासे मावजी होन्ना फोरमायदों ।
Answer: No, the the poet does not say that the fog is like a cat but he means it through metaphor. The three things are:-
(i) The fog comes on a little cat feet (silently).
(ii) The fog sits on silent haunches.
(iii) The fog moves on.


5. How the does the poet make the fog like a living being?
खन्थायगीरीया बोरै खुवाखौ गोथां जिब बायदी खालामो?
Answer: The poet makes the fog like a living being by comparing with a cat which moves silently, sits on haunches and moves on.

6. Name the poet of the poem, ‘Fog’.
‘Fog’ खन्थायनी खन्थायगीरीनी मुंखौ हो ।
Answer: The poet of the poem, ‘Fog’ is Carl Sandburg.

7. How does the fog come?
खुवाया बोरै फैयो ?
Answer: The fog comes on a little cat feet.

8. Where does the fog fall?
खुवाया बहा गोलैयो?
Answer: The fog falls over harbor and city.

9. How does the cat sit?
मावजीया बोरै जीरायो?
Answer: The cat sits on silent haunches.

10. Where does the cat look?
मावजीया बहा नायो?
Answer: The cat looks over harbor and (Chicago) city.

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