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This is the privacy policy for our website visitors. We believe the visitors, therefore it is our responsibility to safeguard the privacies of our visitors. We do not collect any personal information of our visitors like (email id, password, username, etc.). We do not sell anyone’s identities to third parties. The visitors may ask queries regarding what we publish on our site. It must be remembered that any type of abusive comments will be removed without any notice. We provide many external links from other websites. The other websites have different privacy policies that are not like ours. The users must be concerned about the privacy policies of other websites. We encourage the users to read the terms of uses of other websites before visiting the other websites. We provide information and enhance the visitors to get their interests. We have provided our social links on our website and these terms of policies are applicable on all of our platforms.


The contents that we use on our site are just simple media and modified by us. The contents we used here are for visitors’ better experiencing and better clearance only. We do not hold any nudity nor adult content on our website. Any age of users can visit our website. We do not have any type of selling products on our site. We do not demand any type of payment on our website. This site is for educative and career-building purposes only. We do not provide any copyright contents to the users.

Our Embedded Contents

There are embedded contents from other websites that we have used on our site. We use the embedded links to direct our users to reach external sites. We make it easier for the visitors to understand and reach those particular sources that we have mentioned on a particular topic. We do not embed any harmful links nor unauthorized sites on our website. We value our visitors by our terms of use.


We are glad to support our users. Our social links are provided by us. The users can get support from our official social sites. We may contact the visitors if there is any sort of concern found by our users.