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Services of the Website:

The website shall be put forward for consultation or advisory services to the visitors. By this Agreement, the website has the right to send notifications to the users. The website shall not manage the visitor’s account. The website shall process the request by the visitor under this Agreement irrespective of whether such queries may result to not being beneficial for the visitor. The website is under no obligation unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement. The website shall not be financially liable for any operations conducted by the visitors. If the visitors comment on any unworthy subject he or she has the right to delete his comments. The website has the right to remove any unnecessary comments of the visitors without any knowledge. The posts and the comments shall remain available for the visitors as long as it meets the criteria of our policies under terms and conditions. The website has the right to remove or hide visitors’ comments if the contents have any external URL. By this Agreement, the visitor agrees to bear all the risks associated with the uses of the website.

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