Why Lord Buddha Let His Disciple Stay With A Prostitute?

Lord Buddha and his disciples were on their pilgrimage. They had no options but to walk for a whole day in their life. So they got tired after a long walk every day. They needed food and shelter as they have to go for a long go continuously. So, problem arisen for them with whom and where to take rest? Lord Buddha then made certain rules for themselves. In every place, they can take a rest for two nights because after a long tiresome walk they need a full rest for their mind and body. But, in monsoon season they can take shelter for two and a half months because traveling is impossible in that season particularly.
One monsoon season, they had to stop for a shelter in a particular town. All disciples were invited to their homes by the people of that town. And there was a prostitute also who had invited Aditya, one of Buddha’s disciples. And Aditya had no options because that prostitute had invited him so adorably. Even though thinking awkward to shelter with her he rushed to Lord Buddha and asked him whether he should stay with the prostitute. Lord Buddha just smiled and said, “if she has invited you to take shelter in her house then you probably can stay at her house”.
After hearing this everybody asked Lord Buddha, is that not guilty to let him take shelter in her house? Lord Buddha replied, if you think her aspirations are far better than my aspirations and can influence my aspirations, you can follow her, and I myself would join her if I think so.
Aditya went to the prostitute’s house finally. The lady gave him some woolen clothes to wear.
The people started gossiping with each other the next day when they saw him wearing the clothes she had given. And they laughed thinking him to be game over. And after few days the people started hearing musical sounds coming out from that house where the lady danced for the monk every evening. Now, the people of the town started doubting Buddha’s teachings eventually.

The prostitute lady danced for the monk.

It continued for two and a half months. Now, the time came for all the monks to reunite and move along in their path again. All the disciples arrived at the place and Aditya brought a lady monk this time with him who was a prostitute once. Lord Buddha said it is a great pleasure to have a new disciple with us and thanked Aditya for completely transforming her soul and guiding her in achieving her aspirations.
Lord Buddha concluded, our aspirations are always higher than what we are right now at this moment. There must be some good ways to guide us to reach our aspirations.

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